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CSB: Female with Flank pain

This week I sit down with Peter Weimersheimer to talk about how ultrasound helped disposition a patient with flank pain. Check it out! Want more ultrasound goodness? Check out my other podcasts, ultrasoundpodcast.com and ultrasoundgel.org. If you’d like to come scan with us … Read More

Top POCUS Tips!

This week I’m trying a new format. In this video I’m going to share with you my top 6 tips for elevating your POCUS game: Make sure your depth is adequate Work on your gain Don’t be afraid of applying … Read More

Cool Sono, Bro! Persistent PNA with Peter Weimersheimer

This week I sit down with Peter Weimersheimer, my chainsaw, keto and ultrasound mentor from Vermont. He had a case where ultrasound drastically changed management. If you’d like to come scan with us in my new hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, … Read More

How to Learn

Recently, Mike Mallin and I did a series on one of my other podcasts (Ultrasound Podcast) on what we thought were best practices with producing and delivering a good lecture (Check it out here).  Then we got our mentors (Haney Mallemat, … Read More

Rib Fractures Self-Diagnosis with Bedside Ultrasound

This week I sit down with Jimmy Cunningham, a community emergency medicine physician from Southern California. He sustained an injury while grappling, and the x-ray was negative. Check out what the ultrasound showed! If you’d like to come scan with … Read More

Which Line is Best in Arrest?

I recently got to hang out with some amazing people in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I sat down with Patrick Ockerse (@probeme) and Jon Vivolo (@pedalskiclimbdr) on the top of a mountain to chat about which lines are best in … Read More

Is McConnell’s Sign Useful for aPE?

Ultrasound (US) is an extremely valuable tool in the evaluation of patients with suspected acute pulmonary embolism (aPE). I am planning on writing a few posts on what I think is the best way to utilize US in the evaluation of … Read More

You Should Start Scanning (Audio post)

Today, I’m going to be doing something a bit different.  I’ve published a purely audio post! Most of the time I’m definitely going to be doing this podcasts using videos since, you know, you need to see ultrasounds to learn from … Read More