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Top POCUS Tips!

This week I’m trying a new format. In this video I’m going to share with you my top 6 tips for elevating your POCUS game: Make sure your depth is adequate Work on your gain Don’t be afraid of applying … Read More

Cool Sono, Bro! Persistent PNA with Peter Weimersheimer

This week I sit down with Peter Weimersheimer, my chainsaw, keto and ultrasound mentor from Vermont. He had a case where ultrasound drastically changed management. If you’d like to come scan with us in my new hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, … Read More

How to Learn

Recently, Mike Mallin and I did a series on one of my other podcasts (Ultrasound Podcast) on what we thought were best practices with producing and delivering a good lecture (Check it out here).  Then we got our mentors (Haney Mallemat, … Read More

Rib Fractures Self-Diagnosis with Bedside Ultrasound

This week I sit down with Jimmy Cunningham, a community emergency medicine physician from Southern California. He sustained an injury while grappling, and the x-ray was negative. Check out what the ultrasound showed! If you’d like to come scan with … Read More

Which Line is Best in Arrest?

I recently got to hang out with some amazing people in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I sat down with Patrick Ockerse (@probeme) and Jon Vivolo (@pedalskiclimbdr) on the top of a mountain to chat about which lines are best in … Read More

Is McConnell’s Sign Useful for aPE?

Ultrasound (US) is an extremely valuable tool in the evaluation of patients with suspected acute pulmonary embolism (aPE). I am planning on writing a few posts on what I think is the best way to utilize US in the evaluation of … Read More

You Should Start Scanning (Audio post)

Today, I’m going to be doing something a bit different.  I’ve published a purely audio post! Most of the time I’m definitely going to be doing this podcasts using videos since, you know, you need to see ultrasounds to learn from … Read More

The Two-Axis Technique for US-Guided Vascular Access

In the United States, its estimated that up to 100 million intravascular catheters are placed every year,1 and peripheral IV access has been said to be the most common procedure performed in the E.D. 2 Traditional landmark (LM) technique placement of IV catheters is usually … Read More