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Cool Sono, Bro! Performing and Confirming Pericardiocentesis

This week I have not one, but TWO special guests.  Sonia Reyes and Kyle Bloemer join me to walk us through how to perform a pericardiocentesis and how to confirm you’re not actually in the ventricle with your needle (using a flush!).

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7 Responses to Cool Sono, Bro! Performing and Confirming Pericardiocentesis

  1. Dr Gadhamsetty says:

    Good one

  2. Hassan Allam says:

    How to monitor needle advancement by Echo??? I mean which Echo window will use for each approach??

    • Jacob.Avila says:

      The echo window itself (parasternal, apical or subx) will depend on which window gives you the biggest pocket. I’ve found that the apical is often the biggest window, but that by no means means that it is always the best window.

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  6. Anel Alexis says:

    Excellent work, Jay!

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