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Cool Sono, Bro! US-Guided Blakemore Placement

This week a special guest (Terren Trott!) and I tackle a maybe never-before-seen technique of using ultrasound to guide Blakemore placement for a massive GI bleed. Check it out and let me know what you think! We still have a few … Read More

Cool Sono, Bro! Young Female with Abdo Pain

This week I come at you LIVE from Jackson Hole, Wyoming! Well, not really live, but it was definitely live when I recorded it a few months ago at Yellowstone Ultrasound 2017.  Dr. Duane Jurma and I talk about this case we … Read More

Presentation tips with Haney!

  We still have a few spots left for CaboFEST 2018! Offer code “5MINSONO10” gets you 10% off! If the beach isn’t “castle-y” enough for you, come hang out with us in Versailles, Kentucky at Castlefest 2018! Check out my other podcasts, ultrasoundpodcast.com and ultrasoundgel.org. Subscribe and … Read More

Occam’s razor Vs Hickam’s dictum

Some of us may be trained to assume there is always a single unifying etiology of our patients symptoms, but that isn’t always necessarily the case. This week I sit down with Dr. Aaron Schneider to talk about a Cool Sono, … Read More

Scanning tips with Russ and Cian!

This week we have a special treat.  A few weeks ago at the World Congress of Ultrasound in Medical Education conference in Montreal (which is now one of my top 3 favorite cities) I had a chance to chat with Russ Horowitz … Read More

Cool Sono, Bro! The Smoker with Chest Pain

This week Ben Smith (@ultrasoundJelly) and I are going to go through one of the cases he had.  This case had some pretty gnarly ultrasounds to share.  Take a look and let me know what you think! If you want … Read More

Differentiating Artery from Vein

When I’m eavesdropping on other peoples conversations at ultrasound courses, I often hear people talk about compressing the vessel you want to cannulate to make sure its a vein and not an artery (if you happen to be placing a peripheral … Read More

CVC tips with Haney!

This week, we’re going to explore Haney Mallemat’s top three central line placement tips and tricks.  This episode was shot during a phenomenal hike in the Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Check it out and let me know what you … Read More

Who Gets an US-Guided IV?

Next on my US-guided IV series: Who gets an IV? (Spoiler alert, this procedure isn’t for all patients). The patients who should be getting USGIVs should be the following: At least 2 staff members have tried 3 times (total) to get … Read More

Does the Catheter Length Matter When Placing USG-IVs?

Ultrasound-guided IV’s… This often simple procedure has had probably the biggest impact in my practice and has greatly affected my patient care for the better.  I’ve found myself becoming more and more passionate about this the more I use it, and I want to tell … Read More