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Differentiating Artery from Vein

When I’m eavesdropping on other peoples conversations at ultrasound courses, I often hear people talk about compressing the vessel you want to cannulate to make sure its a vein and not an artery (if you happen to be placing a peripheral … Read More

CVC tips with Haney!

This week, we’re going to explore Haney Mallemat’s top three central line placement tips and tricks.  This episode was shot during a phenomenal hike in the Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Check it out and let me know what you … Read More

Who Gets an US-Guided IV?

Next on my US-guided IV series: Who gets an IV? (Spoiler alert, this procedure isn’t for all patients). The patients who should be getting USGIVs should be the following: At least 2 staff members have tried 3 times (total) to get … Read More

Does the Catheter Length Matter When Placing USG-IVs?

Ultrasound-guided IV’s… This often simple procedure has had probably the biggest impact in my practice and has greatly affected my patient care for the better.  I’ve found myself becoming more and more passionate about this the more I use it, and I want to tell … Read More

Cool Sono, Bro! Is it Actually Pacing?

This week, we look at a patient with severe bradycardia.  The monitor is showing pacing, but…is it, though?   If you want more cool sonos or if you need some guided hands-on AND would like to do it at Jackson … Read More

Cool Sono, Bro! The Wheel of Echo

  Ben Smith (@ultrasoundjelly) and I have been working on this phenomenal education tool, The Wheel of Echo! Check it out and let me know what you think.

The Full Hand Block

Many of you probably already perform isolated ulnar, median and radial nerve blocks.  But… what about all three of them at the same time? Here we talk about a case where we anesthetized the entire hand using 3 nerve blocks … Read More

The Case of the Radiolucent Gallstones

This week I’m joined by Jess Mason of EMRAP HD and This Won’t Hurt a Bit, two podcasts that if you haven’t subscribed to yet, you must! We talk about a case where the CT scan missed a veritable hacksack … Read More

Why we do what we do – Renal Ultrasound

Issues watching it? Download the episode here This week we’re going to talk about a case where I was able to quickly and safely disposition a patient home based solely on an ultrasound…. and a UA. If you like hanging … Read More

Quick dispo with bedside nerve blocks

Have you ever had a busy emergency department? Have you ever had a patient with a fracture that you needed to sedate and you wish you didn’t have to? Well, wish no further and do a nerve block. This week … Read More