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The Full Hand Block

Many of you probably already perform isolated ulnar, median and radial nerve blocks.  But… what about all three of them at the same time? Here we talk about a case where we anesthetized the entire hand using 3 nerve blocks … Read More

The Case of the Radiolucent Gallstones

This week I’m joined by Jess Mason of EMRAP HD and This Won’t Hurt a Bit, two podcasts that if you haven’t subscribed to yet, you must! We talk about a case where the CT scan missed a veritable hacksack … Read More

Why we do what we do – Renal Ultrasound

Issues watching it? Download the episode here This week we’re going to talk about a case where I was able to quickly and safely disposition a patient home based solely on an ultrasound…. and a UA. If you like hanging … Read More

Quick dispo with bedside nerve blocks

Have you ever had a busy emergency department? Have you ever had a patient with a fracture that you needed to sedate and you wish you didn’t have to? Well, wish no further and do a nerve block. This week … Read More

Linear probe in Early Pregnancy

Hey all, Due to the gap between posts as of late, I wanted to do a high-yield/short topic. I also have an extremely special guest, Matt Dawson! I’ve been increasingly using a trans-abdominal linear probe in early pregnancy, and have … Read More

The Sonographic Air Bronchogram

Air bronchograms are something that many of us, even if we don’t know ultrasound, have heard before. They refer to a consolidated lung that surrounds small airways.  This finding can easily be seen on ultrasound and is highly specific for … Read More

When is a Lung Point not a Lung Point?

I’ve been struggling with something recently.  When I first learned about the lung point, I was ecstatic! A finding that is 100% specific for a pneumothorax? Fantastic! Unfortunately, I think it’s too good to be true.  The two studies used … Read More

Gallbag Pearls

So you’ve started to use ultrasound in your assessments of RUQ pain and you’re feeling okay about it.  Here are some tips to help you feel amazing about them. There are at least 3 maneuvers you can do to help you see … Read More

FAST fails (Things that will mess up your FAST)

The FAST exam is an examination that is ubiquitous in emergency medicine, and the more I do them, the more I realize that their correct interpretation takes some training.  If you don’t know how to properly do a FAST exam, START HERE. The following … Read More