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Vascular access is such an important component of the treatment of ED patients.  Our nurses, paramedics and techs do an amazing job placing IV’s, but sometimes there’s that “difficult stick”.  I’ve found ultrasound to be immensely beneficial in situations in … Read More

Right heart strain in PE, Part I

When most people think about ultrasound and pulmonary embolus (PE), they think about a specific echocardiographic finding called right heart strain (RHS).  RHS is defined as volume or pressure overload of the right ventricle causing hemodynamic compromise, and is detected … Read More

Subpleural Consolidations in PE

Pulmonary embolus is an important diagnosis to make, and of even more importance is to diagnose it with speed. Pulmonary embolus is the 3rd most common cause of death (behind stroke and MI)1, and two-thirds of the patients who will … Read More